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Environmental Regulations and Norms in the Cardboard Industry in Mexico

The cardboard industry in Mexico plays a significant role in the country’s economy, but it also faces challenges in terms of environmental sustainability. However, companies are responding to comply with these requirements and promote more ecological practices. Environmental Regulations

Environmental Regulatory Framework in Mexico

Mexico has a series of laws and environmental regulations aimed at protecting natural resources and mitigating the impact of industrial activities on the environment. These regulations cover aspects such as waste management, air and water quality, and biodiversity protection.

Specific Regulations for the Cardboard Industry

Within the environmental regulatory framework, there are specific regulations that affect the cardboard industry in Mexico. This includes regulations related to the use of renewable raw materials, the handling and disposal of cardboard waste, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in production processes.

Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility

Faced with these environmental regulations, companies in the cardboard sector in Mexico are adopting measures to ensure compliance with regulations and promote responsible business practices. This includes the implementation of environmental management systems, investment in clean technologies, and the promotion of environmental education among employees and the community.

Benefits of Adopting Sustainable Practices

Beyond compliance with regulations, companies that adopt sustainable practices in the cardboard industry can benefit from a series of advantages. These include reducing long-term operating costs, strengthening the company’s reputation, and accessing new markets and business opportunities in an increasingly environmentally conscious world.


Environmental regulations and norms are exerting significant influence on the cardboard industry in Mexico, driving companies to adopt more sustainable and responsible practices. By complying with these requirements and promoting a culture of sustainability, the cardboard industry can positively contribute to the environment and society as a whole.

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