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As we have mentioned before, customers determine their purchase for two reasons: need and experience. With your product packaging you can create the ideal experience and create that bond where your end consumers connect with your product and perceive it with a higher value

In Kibox by Cyecsa we have options for your luxury rigid packaging, there are varieties of materials and details that will make your packaging a value-added experience for your customers.
All our packaging has a FSC certified rigid cardboard structure, which allows us to give stability to the packaging, in addition to complying with an eco-friendly certification… How would you like your interior and exterior to look like? Being a company that develops and manufactures, you will have the opportunity to have in your hands a unique packaging, since we do not have standard products. Let’s start from scratch.

Kibox offers you a series of paper options:

  • Couche 150 gms
  • Textured paper
  • Papers with matte finish
  • Papers with laser engraved option
  • Plastic free papers.
  • Anti Scratch papers

It all depends on you, your brand and what experience you want to provide to your end consumers. At Kibox we are here to support you and develop hand in hand with you a luxury  packaging, a PREMIUM packaging.

Imagine your packaging with a soft touch finish, your logo in gold hot stamping and details of your graphic line in UV varnish. We can  support you with different options depending on your budget, brand, product and special requirements.

Contact us, we are here to help you!
Kibox By Cyecsa, your smart buy.