Industrial packaging

Manufacture of cardboard, multimaterial  packaging  solutions and accesories according your measures and structures needed.

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Displays & POP

Point of sales displays, high quality promotional tools placed in businesses to capture attention

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Luxury boxes / Rigid boxes

High end or high level packaging solutions for wine and spirits, electronics, jewelery, and corporarte gifts. Premium boxes.

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Concept Renders

We generate virtual 3D prototypes of your products with the help of professional technicians and modern programs. We provide a digital preview of you final product.

Structural Design

We offer the service of a methodical investigation of the stability, rigidity and strength for optimal operation and aesthetics in the packaging.

Cutting & Assembly

We have the material, equipment and personnel to be able to carry out the cutting and structural assembly of any type of packaging.

Digital Printing

Ideal for printing your products in a ecological way and low-cost materials to create prototypes and test their performance and efficiency


Visual Merchandising

Promotional tools that ensures consumer attention. Customized displays help to consolidate the brand of the product and add value to products.

Luxury Packaging Solutions

Premium boxes, mainly manufacture with rigid cardboard,  developed and design with the best quality standards.

Industrial Packaging Solutions

Manufacturing and conversion of cardboard,  other paper related products, and packaging accesories. Logistic material that reinforce your operations.



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